Are you addicted to Netflix? Netflix streaming solutions along with Hulu, Redbox, snail-mailed DVDs plus other wealth of content on the internet will make you addicted to television. Netflix is currently showing support for a plethora of Android devices. The compilation of Android applications in this content will help you find an alternative to Netflix for options not supported. For better video results, these applications can stream on Wi-Fi or over cellular 4G & 3G. Above all, MovieBox is one of the best alternatives of Android applications to Netflix.

AT&T U-verse Live TV:

For content in the likes of History Channel, ESPN, Lifetime, MSNBC, Fox News and ABC, AT&T U-verse Live TV offers a gamut of channels. The application will also help you to download movies and television shows to watch on the phone through Wi-Fi. Since there is an affordable charge, the app is recommended for non-U-verse clients even if you have the home service. The undisputable features of the AT&T U-verse Live TV app include:

1. Users have the opportunity to choose from several episodes of their favorite TV shows

2.There is also the opportunity to stream or store on-demand from top services like MTV, Disney Channel, NBC , Comedy Central and just to mention a few

This application is a property of CBS and it offers a plethora of solutions including well-known show such as NCIS and CSI. Users will also enjoy channels such as CBS News, Showtime, ET, CNET, CW and CBS Sports for free. If you are looking for the most reliable television right to your phone, then offers the best solution. The application brings personal television to your phone on cellular networks and Wi-Fi. It is free and you will be able to have access to your favorite episodes.

1. On, users will be able to get videos and films from ET, CNET, CW and other platforms

2. It is also important to know that no subscription fees are applicable.

Droid TV:

This application comes with nine dollars subcription for every six months. The app also acts like a DVR for your phone. Users will be able to watch and download content without using the internet. In full HD-480p resolution, you will be able to watch television on your phone. From the major television networks, you can select from several episodes of the most well-known shows. Users can watch wherever and whenever they want when using Droid TV. With Droid TV, your phone will be converted to a video players and a DVR. Right on your phone, you can watch and record favorite television shows. From your phone’s Secure Digital memory card, episodes are played and not streamed. This implies that you can get content anytime without the use of the internet.

PlayOn Mobile:

This system is a collection of software installed on your PC along with an Android application. It comes with premium subscriptions that will make you have access to the app. The user’s computer is turned on once the app is setup and gets connected to the internet. To stream content, this application will give you the opportunity to have access to your Netflix account. Accessing SpikeTV,, ESPN3, ESPN, CBS, CNN,, Comedy Central, Amazon VOD, Hulu Plus and much more. On your Android phone, it is now possible to watch all these internet content.


One of the best features of MovieBox is the Random Chooser. This feature has made the application unique and special in the market. From the hundreds listed on the database, the application will select for you. MovieBox remains the best film organizer application in the globe today. The features are displayed in under-friendly interface and unequivocally demarcated

1. Users will have the opportunity to give feedback on watched films

2. The application helps you pass more information to other people before making investment

3. There is the ability to watch film trailers

4. Localized film description to provide you details

5. HD film artwork and images


While there are tons of Android applications that can serve as alternatives to Netflix, using the information in this content will help, time and again. MovieBox is one of the best Android app alternatives to Netflix that you can rely on. It is easy to use and comes with a plethora of features. You can give this app a try now and see how it works.

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