Humans are thinking beings. Everything that we do is bound to be subjected to the most potent psychological weapon – that is thought. As human beings, our brains play both the subconscious, unconscious and conscious activities and this determines what we become or how well our bodily processes continue.

During the passage of time, we have been able to come up with one of the most mind-bending movies that cause us to reflect more on our lives. Not only these films are exciting and unique, but also they have been able to create a keen interest in our societies as they have given a clear reflection of them. It is not by a long shot that we have become more intertwined and caught up by the feeling that are reflected by movies that we see. We have become more and more accustomed to this film and our love for them has grown more and more by the day.

Movies have to a very significant extent led to our development and growth. They have inspired us to: do more; be more and to strive to make our societies even better day by day.
The movie industry in the past 20th and the present years of the 21st century has released some thought stimulating movies.

Let’s look at some of these well-created movies that cause us to drift into much thought about our lives.


Arise to the occasion and let your mind think of these movies profoundly and let us find the mind blending details therein!

1. The Matrix

The movie was released in 1999. It depicts a day and age in which reality is seen to be simulated by machines. This is in a move to subdue the human population.

What makes it mind-bending? This movie is mind-blending since it leads us to try and think about the difference between fantasy and reality. It also leads us to wonder how our thoughts can interfere with the realities that are present in our lives.

2. Another Earth

This movie was released in 2011. It depicts the existence of an identification of a duplicate Earth and its identification by scientist and the interactions of people from different spheres of life. These interactions are influenced by circumstances such as the accident that occurs in the movie (spoilers!)

What makes it mind-bending? The movie leads us to think deeply about the different directions that our lives can move on. It moves with our emotions as we put ourselves into the shoes of the actors and what we are currently facing.

3. Robot and Frank

This movie was released in 2012. This movie depicts a humanoid Robot and an aging Frank. Frank is moved from a nursing home by his son to receive care from the Robot.

What makes it mind-bending? We are faced with the effects that aging has on the general population and on ourselves. The results of aging such as dementia and associated problems of movement are seen. We also start asking ourselves questions about the contribution of aging on the lives of general population, families, and friends.

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4. The Machine

This movie was released in 2013. Two experience programmers who love each other develop the first masterpiece of AI that is able to asset the cause of humanity. Circumstances, however, change as the British Government later steals their great discovery and educate it on how to terminate human life as a robotic weapon.

What makes it mind-bending? We are able to ask ourselves many questions about the ever-developing artificial intelligence and what it will mean for humankind. Will it be a cause for death or will it improve our lives?

5. Open your eyes

This movie was released in 1997. A boy by the naked Cesar finds that he is in a mental facility. He, however, does not recount how he landed in the centre. The only thing that is in his mind is how he met the love of his life and getting in a car accident days later.

What makes it mind blending? We are left asking ourselves where the line between reality and fantasy can be drawn. How do we differentiate the two? We are also able to get into the shoes of the mentally sick patients and try to understand (even minutely) what they go through day by day.


It goes without saying that much thought was employed in developing these movies. They have been well designed to show the changes in our society. We can clearly see the effect of science and technology and project its significance in the days to come.

These movies lead us to ask the tough questions about human life. Questions we always have in our minds. We usually want to know: are we alone in the universe? Will technology take over the world?
Many questions about our associations with fellow human beings are also brought to questions. Even paradoxical questions arise.

Definitely, movies in our day and age have become part of our lives and their ability to make us think and ask the tough questions will significantly help in developing our society!

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