Well, some excellent quality horror movies came out this year which were very positively received by the viewers and critics alike. Some releases did not get much attention or were not commercially successful, and some broke the records for being most commercially successful horror movies in history.

So keeping in view the commercial performance and box office impact as well as the critical success of the movies this year, we have decided to list down the top 5 most popular horror feature films of 2017 so far.

1. It

It was released recently back in September and is considered to be among one of most commercially and critically successful horror movies in history. Director Andy Muschietti did a fantastic job with the direction along with a brilliant screenplay which captivates the viewers. The film has quickly amassed a significant following and is widely ranked among best thrillers to come out from Hollywood.

The movie revolves around a shapeshifting monster who takes an appearance of a clown and hunts down the children. It was lauded for its screenplay and solid acting from a relatively young cast.

2. Get Out

On the second spot, we would be ranking Get Out and quite deservingly so! Director Joran Peele came up with a compelling storyline that keeps the audience spellbound until the end of intense suspense. Mixing the elements of mystery, thriller, and horror, Get Out is among one of the most excellent movies to come out this year.

Get Out met with universal critical acclaim for its actual storyline and well-crafted direction. People have also praised the cast for its brilliant acting.

3. Alien: Covenant

Director Ridley Scott adds another great addition to his Alien series with the release of Alien: Covenant. The movie is a solid horror flick with the fast-paced plot, and like many of Ridley Scott’s films, it has a great sci-fi feel to it.

It centers around the crew of a colony ship who are stranded on an alien planet. Alien: Covenant was a commercial and critical success, many praising Ridley Scott’s direction as well as the mesmerizing visual effects.

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4. Annabelle: Creation

If you are looking to watch a genuinely scary movie then Annabelle: Creation is the best movie, this year has to offer. It’s a second installment in the Annabelle series which is extended part of Conjuring. Directed by David Sandberg, Annabelle: Creation takes the viewers to the origins of the evil doll.

The movie has some great scenes which are very scary and keep the audience on the edge of their seats. With all that Annabelle: Creation met with positive response from viewers for its script and direction.

5. Life

Featuring an ensemble cast, Life is among one best horror movies this year. It incorporates the elements of science fiction and thriller with horror correctly, leading the group of astronauts to discover a form of life which caused extinction on Mars. Director Daniel Espinosa’s direction and overall cinematography of the movie was very well received. Many people have compared it to Alien: Covenant for its sci-fi based plot, due to which audience found it very suspenseful and intensifying.

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